Netherbrook Primary School

FONS (Friends of Netherbrook School)

Some of the 'Friends'.

The FONS group meet on the first Friday of every month at 1.30pm in the Community Room.

If you are a parent/carer/grandparent of a child in our school you are welcome to join the group. Members help to organise fund raising events and all have CRB clearance which enables them to help out with the activities. If you can spare a few hours of your time to assist, your time and effort would be greatly appreciated.

The FONS Group are:

  • Annaliesa Kiszka
  • Lianne Lenton
  • Rachael Morrison
  • Teresa Parfitt
  • Jennifer Payne
  • Samantha Reynolds
  • Kerry Roberts
  • Andrea Bowen (Staff)
  • Phil Rawlings (Headteacher)
  • Leigh Frost (Deputy Headteacher)