Netherbrook Primary School

School Day

Here are the timings of our school day here at Netherbrook:

Time Activity
7.30am Breakfast Club begins.
8.45am Doors open to pupils.
8.55am The bell rings to indicate the start of the school day. Doors close and registers are completed and absences recorded. Lunch registers are also completed.
9.10am Lesson 1 – English or Mathematics.
10.10am Breaktime.
10.30am Lesson 2 – English or Mathematics.
11.30am Lesson 3 (11.30 – 12.00 Phonics in KS1).
11.45am End of morning Nursery session.
12.00 noon Lunchtime for Reception and KS1 (1 hour).
12.30pm Lunchtime for KS2 (1 hour).
12.30pm Afternoon Nursery session begins.
1.00pm End of KS1 lunchtime. Registration and afternoon lessons begin in KS1.
1.30pm End of KS2 lunchtime. Registration and afternoon lessons begin in KS2.
3.15pm Home time for main school (Reception to Year 6).
3.15pm After School Club begins.
3.15pm Extra curricular clubs begin.
3.30pm Home time for afternoon Nursery session.
4.30pm Extra curricular clubs end.
5.50pm After School Club ends.