Home Learning (Covid-19 Response)

The Government has now announced that all schools will close as of Friday 20 March 2020. This page is designed to support parents and carers in continuing your child's education and learning at home during this period of closure.

These 'Home Learning Tasks' are for all pupils to complete at home over the closure period. There will initially be 10 days worth of materials for pupils to complete up until the Easter holidays - it is expected that pupils should complete three hours worth of work at home each day.

We are unable to be print off high volumes of paper for these tasks, so all pupils have been issued with an exercise book and pencil in which to complete their home learning. If your child has been absent from school and has not received an exercise book please contact the school office and we will try to get one sent out to you. Alternatively pupils can use paper or their own resources.

If schools remain closed beyond the Easter holidays then parents should then access this page and also check our School Life app to find weekly updates of new work and instructions from their teachers on how to complete it. This will continue until schools re-open.

The work provided covers all aspects of the curriculum and has been designed so that most pupils should be able to complete the work with only a small amount of parental support where needed. If your child struggles to complete the work set for their year group they can of course access work from other year groups if this helps.

If parents and carers have any questions related to this work please email us at info@netherbrook.dudley.sch.uk and we will try to respond to your queries as soon as possible.

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