Meet the friendly staff of our school, as drawn by our talented children. If you'd like to see what they really look like - just roll over the photos with your mouse!

Mrs Adams
by Sophie

Mrs Barfoot
by Levi

Mrs Bate
by Ashleigh

Mrs Bensley
by Thomas

Mrs Billingham
by Eloise

Mrs Cashmore
by Courtney

Mrs Chambers
by Rhys

Mrs Chapman
by Khanyisile

Mrs Cole
by Meghan

Mrs Daly
by Megan

Ms Davies
by Chloe

Mrs Dutton
by Levi

Mrs Frost
by Paige

Mrs Garbett
by Angel

Mrs Garland
by Jacob

Miss Gordon
by Nicola

Mrs Harris
by Kirstin

Mr Hayfield
by Isobel

Mrs Hollyhomes
by Makayla

Mrs Humphries
by Rebecca

Miss Jervis
by Baileigh

Miss Ketteringham
by Kirstin

Mrs Ketteringham-Walsh by Nicola

Mrs Lail
by Abrar

Mrs Marshall
by Eden

Mrs McCarron
by Brodie

Miss Millichamp
by Evie

Ms Milne
by Gemma

Mrs Morgan
by Sophie

Mrs Nock
by Abrar

Mr Perry
by Crystal

Miss A Pritchard
by Leanne

Mrs D Pritchard
by Anya

Mr Rawlings
by Ethan

Mrs Reeve
by Elle

Staff List

Teaching Staff
Mr P Rawlings Headteacher
Mrs L Frost Deputy Headteacher
Miss L Aston Assistant Headteacher
Mrs L Reeve Assistant Headteacher, SENDCO
Mrs C Marshall EYFS Assistant Headteacher
Miss S Jervis Upper School Senior Leader/Teacher
Miss R Bensley Teacher
Mrs A Cashmore Teacher
Mrs J Chambers Teacher
Mrs K Edwards Teacher
Miss L Floyd Teacher
Miss E Gordon Teacher
Mr J Hayfield Teacher
Miss K Ketteringham Teacher
Mrs G Ketteringham-Walsh Teacher
Mrs K Lail Teacher
Mrs K Mayall Teacher
Miss A McCann Teacher
Mrs A Pritchard Teacher
Miss L Tonks Teacher
Teaching Support Staff
Mrs C Adams Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Barfoot Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Bate Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Chapman Teaching Assistant
Mr M Corrigan Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Daly Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Dutton Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Harris Teaching Assistant
Mr M Hill Teaching Assistant
Miss D Ions Teaching Assistant
Mr C Jones Teaching Assistant
Ms D Morgan Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Nock Teaching Assistant
Mr K Perry Teaching Assistant
Mr H Sprason Teaching Assistant
Miss K Tariq Teaching Assistant
Ms W Welch Teaching Assistant
L-A Wynne Teaching Assistant
Mr J Hanson Sports Coach
Mrs V Garbett Nethertots Teaching Assistant (Lead)
Miss H Allcock Nethertots Teaching Assistant
Miss J Millichamp Nethertots Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Wood Nethertots Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Leigh Business Manager
Ms F Davies IT Technician, Office Administrator
Mrs J Humphries Office Administrator
Site and Cleaning and Lunchtime Supervision
Mr W Welch Site Manager
Mrs M Billingham Lunchtime Supervisor, Cleaner
Mrs K Coates Lunchtime Supervisor, Cleaner
Mrs J Cole Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Duffy Lunchtime Supervisor, Cleaner
Mrs A Garland Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Guildford Cleaner
Mrs I Hollyhomes Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J McCarron Lunchtime Supervisor, Cleaner
Ms K Milne Lunchtime Supervisor, Cleaner
Mrs D Pritchard Lunchtime Supervisor, Cleaner